Nava dhanyapodi
Nava dhanyapodi

Nava dhanyapodi

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Nava dhanyapodi ( നവ ധാന്യപ്പൊടി  ) - 400gm

How to use -
Take 2 Spoonful powder in a glass of water and mix it with Jaggery and Coconut
milk and boil it well before use. We could make items Payasam, Uppumavu, Unda
etc. with this Navadhanyapodi. This is a very nutritious item and so it could be given
to babies as a health mix. Not only babies but also elderly people too could be
taken this special items.

Ingredients -
Sesame, Wheat, Mudira, Ragi, Big-beans, Nuts, Cashew nuts, Uluva, Green
beans, Some Panamkalkkandam too added